Oct 29, 2010

Update on Nick

It's been another long week. Aside from my family (including my entire immediate family, plus my sister, Russ, and my parents) getting a stomach virus, Nick has continued to throw up at least once a day, usually at night. He went to Children's Hospital this morning to have an upper GI study. They gave him a solution to drink that included a bromine dye and watched it progress through his stomach via x-ray. They didn't find anything abnormal. Which is good, but also frustrating because we still don't know what is wrong. He has an appointment with a gastroenterologist next Thursday at Children's. Until then we are going to try a test for parasites and then maybe an antihistamine to block any allergic reaction he might be having. The antihistamine will make him really drowsy, so we are holding off on it for a while. He is pretty happy all day long, but is losing weight and is a little more demanding. He also HATES going to the doctor right now so that makes it harder too. I think he keeps remembering a couple of weeks ago when they pricked his finger and drew some blood out of his arm. Not fun. I feel bad for him, especially with Halloween coming up, escpecially since he spent part of last Halloween in the hospital. I guess its just not his best holiday. Thanks Courtney, my mom, and my dad for helping so much!

Oct 24, 2010


On a whim I rented this movie from Netflix and watched it one night while Nick was sick. I though it was totally mesmerizing - maybe because I have a baby or maybe because I am sleep deprived. It is a documentary that follows 4 babies from different parts of the world from birth until shortly after their first birthday. Alli and Nick watched it with me the next day and they both seemed to like it too. Anyway, if you are interested at all in babies you should check it out.

I have some other posts I want to catch up on, but I've been taking caring of a sick Nick the last two weeks. We aren't really sure what's going on with him. He is fine all day and then wakes up every night between 9 and 1AM and throws up for a couple of hours. I feel so bad for him and so helpless because nothing we have tried has worked. I've taken him to the doctor and then talked to the doctor almost every day last week. He might be getting an upper GI scope this week to check things out. Alli and Makenna were fine most of last week, but have both thrown up this weekend. So, it could be a virus too. Who knows? I am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord over the last two weeks, but I really want my family back to normal.

Oct 11, 2010

Casa Bonita

If you grew up in Colorado, you've probably been to Casa Bonita. I haven't been in around 20 years, but my mom and my sister talked me into it today. The crazy thing is that it is exactly the same as I remember it as a kid. EXACTLY. I thought maybe they would have remodeled or revamped the menu. Nope! The food is still overpriced and terrible, but the sopapillas are good (it's fried dough with honey - hard to mess that up!). The cliff diving is still fun to watch. Yep, same games, same decorations, same carpet!

Alli and Nick were completely mesmorized by the place, mostly the water fountain out front and the waterfall and dive shows. Not to mention the "spooky cave" with giant spiders that made Alli cry (oops!). The best part of the whole trip was seeing it through the kid's eyes. But I hope they remember it, becuase we probably won't go back again.

The twinsters playing in the fountain out front. I'm just glad they didn't decide to go swimming!

Enjoying (not really) our lunch. Lindsey was siting at the table, but then the gorilla in one of the shows scared her, so she sat in Makenna's high chair because we told her it would protect her...haha.

They had a bazillion of the little rides like you see at the grocery store. The kids got to each ride a few times. Big smiles!

Side note: I have been to the Mayan in Salt Lake and it seemed very similar, although the food and ambiance were better there. And sorry if the formatting turned out wierd on this, Blogger is acting strange tonight. I don't know whats going on.

Oct 8, 2010

Don't Drink Milk and Drive

Any mom who's had a toddler that needs naps, but refuses to take them will appreciate this. Nick has been fighting naptime since we changed his crib into a toddler bed. At first he was ultra-crabby by around 4PM, but lately he's been pretty happy and actually has a hard time going to sleep at night if he does happen to get a nap. This week, however, he's been waking up at 6AM (instead of 7) for some crazy reason. For selfish reasons I really hope that he stops doing this!

He had a big day today and he must have been tired. I put a movie in for him to watch during quiet time and I went and made some phone calls for church. I came back and he was totally sprawled out like this, asleep. It looks like he was riding his truck and crashed off...hahaha. He slept like this for a little more than an hour. See Nick, you need a nap sometimes and you should stop waking me up so dang early!