Jul 2, 2009

Park Day

The moms in my ward get together for a park day every week in the summer. I love park days because I get to try out lots of different parks and when Nick isn't dead-set on running away, I get to talk to my friends while I'm watching the kids play. The park we went to yesterday is my favorite of all the parks. There are separate areas for older kids, younger kids, swings, and sand and the playground is new and has lots of cool stuff that keeps my kids busy.

Alli loved spinning ... Jeanette and I couldn't stop laughing at the kids when they got off and stumbled around.
Nick getting ready to slide.
Nick and Alli playing in the sand. They worked very hard to fill up the orange cup.
And this was the best part! The sprinklers turned on at the adjacent soccer fields. Of course the twins wanted to go play in them like all of the bigger kids. At first they just ran around the edges laughing, and then...
this little boy unleashed the whole spray on Alli and Bridget. They got soaked - especially Alli. It was so funny. Valerie and I were laughing so hard. Alli thought it was funny too and kept running through more sprinklers. (By the way - notice Alli carrying the water bottle, squirt gun, and snack bag?, she insisted on carrying these things around with her after snack time. I don't know what her obsession is with carrying things, but she lost the snack bag and squirt gun when she got soaked...but still managed to hold on to the water bottle!)Needless to say, the twins went home in only their diapers. Thanks Valerie for recommending this park. We've been a few times now and it is the best! Thanks for the great pictures too! Sometimes I'm just too lazy to take pictures :)