Jun 28, 2009

Family Picnic

We got together with my mom's side of the family at a park for a picnic and some visiting. So good to see everyone and the weather was perfect (that's saying a lot right now - its going to be the 2nd rainiest June in the history of Denver)! Alli and Nick played and played for 3 hours with their cousin Lindsey and 2nd cousin Austin. They played so much and they didn't even want to take a break to eat. Nick just kept asking for "gee" or drink. I'm not sure why he calls drinks "gee", but whatever.

Roxborough Hike

A couple of weeks ago we went for a hike in Roxborough State Park. It is beautiful - especially with all of the rain and the resulting wild flowers. This was our first hike of the year and Nick wasn't too thrilled about the backpack, but he got used to it after a while. Nick and Alli have been so independent the last few months. They don't want help with anything, even hiking! It ended up being a really fun day and definitely worth the 45 minute drive.


Alli and Nick got a bubble-maker for Easter. It has been such a fun summer toy!



Our ward held a Luau almost a month ago. It was awesome - one of the best ward activities we've ever been to! Our whole family loved it. There was food, games, and a dance show - including a fire dancer. So cool! Nick got really into the warrior dance and was having fun doing it with Brian. Alli loved the leis - she still likes to play dress-up with them. Alli and Nick even watched the entire show and seemed pretty mesmerized by it. Thanks to Courtney and Valerie for all your hard work and for the pictures I stole off your blog!

Jun 3, 2009


Nick still has a shoe fetish. If you come to visit us, I promise he will steal your shoes and try them on!

18-Month TwinThings

The twin's favorite things right now:
  • Nick - Riding (and crashing) his truck and laying on the floor and playing with his cars
  • Alli - Wrapping her babies in blankets. Seriously she spends at least 2 hours a day doing this. I find little baby and stuffed animal blanket nests all over the house.
  • Both - Eating! Favorites are spaghetti, fruit, and chicken nuggets with dip (or anything with dip for that matter)