Sep 28, 2008

Fall Colors

We have baby backpacks and we wanted to see the fall colors so we took the kids and went on a hike in Estes Park. There are a lot of pine trees, so the colors weren't quite the same as they are in the Sardine Canyon (close to Logan where we used to live), but we still had lots of fun and enjoyed the mountain air. The babies loved the hiking trip!

Here's a scenery shot. The aspens were yellow and the elk were bugling in the meadow. We didn't get any pictures of the elk because they were pretty far away, but still cool to see!

The boys

The girls

Alli - she isn't smiling in this picture, but she really did have fun! She liked watching the squirrels and touching the rocks and trees. She is our little adventurer.

Nick - despite teething (see drool) he is obviously very happy with the hiking trip.

Our little family. We don't get outdoors quite as much as we did before we had the twins, but we definitely enjoy it when we get the chance!

Another scenery shot. This is a about as high up as we got. Loved to see the yellow aspen leaves and the waterfall together.

Sep 26, 2008


Ashlee tagged me...

8 TV shows that I love to watch....
1. The Office (season premier last night!)
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
4. Super Nanny
5. 30 Rock
6. Leno
7. Today Show
8. King of Queens

8 Places that I love to eat......
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. McCormicks
3. PF Changs
4. Buca de Bepo
5. Macaroni Grill
6. Mimi’s (for breakfast)
7. Pei Wei
8. Chipotle

8 things that happened yesterday.....
1. Watched The Office premier
2. Sized a horizontal vessel (work)
3. Went to the bank
4. Went to a lunch ‘n learn (work)
5. Went for a walk with the kids and Gracie
6. Gave Nick and Alli a bath
7. Courtney made hamburgers for dinner for us (Thursday is her night to cook)
8. My parents came over to visit and watch The Office

8 things that I look most forward to....
1. Brian getting a new job so he doesn’t have to work 80+ hours a week during busy season
2. David getting married in April (probably…)
3. Nick and Alli being potty trained
4. Nick and Alli going to Nursery
5. Passing the FE and PE tests (it’s an engineer thing)
6. Getting a new mountain bike
7. Having more kids
8. Another trip to Hawaii…someday

8 things I love about Fall....
1. Halloween
2. Leaves changing colors
3. Sweaters
4. Curling up under a warm blanket
5. Pumpkin carving
6. Halloween sugar cookies
7. Corn Mazes
8. My mom’s apple pie

8 things on my wishlist....
1. Tummy tuck to get rid of my twin skin
2. Finished basement
3. New paint inside the house and enough creativity to make it cute
4. More decorations for our bedroom
5. A small camera that fits in the diaper bag
6. Some new winter clothes
7. Lasik
8. A normal pregnancy (but not for a little while)

Sep 22, 2008

Busy Family

I haven't posted a blog in a little while. We've been busy, but not with much to blog about. Here's a quick synopsis.

Nick is getting teeth #7 and 8, so he's been a little grumpy.

Alli is trying out some new hair styles...we call this one sharkey.

On September 15th we commemorated the third anniversary of the birth and death of our little angel baby Alex. Overall, every year seems a little easier as time passes and the memories aren't quite so fresh. Now that the twins are here though, we know all the fun we've been missing! We miss this little guy and can't help but wonder what it would be like to have a three year old running around the house. We feel so blessed to have had him in our lives.

I am in a card exchange group and this is the card I made this month. The theme was fall. I probably should have chosen something easier considering all that was going on the last couple of weeks, but I had fun making these.

Super Saturday was last Saturday and this is the project I organized for the Relief Society group. I found this idea on

While I was running around trying to get everything together for Super Saturday, my sister watched the kids for me. Here she is taking the twins, Lindsey, AND Gracie out for a walk. Isn't she amazing! I'm so blessed to have my wonderful sister live so close to me.

Sep 5, 2008

Green Chile Labor Day

Our family has a tradition of making green chile on Labor Day. We make huge quantities (~100 cups) that we freeze and eat the rest of the year. We love it! Thanks so much Brian for watching the kids!

My dad roasting the green chiles from his garden.

My sister Courtney peeling some of the 48+ cups of green chiles.

Mom making the green chile on the camp chef (new this year!)

Enjoying the feast - rellenos and tamales smothered with green chile - yum!