Oct 30, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

One of the (few) benefits of afternoon church is that we get to do some fun things together as a family in the morning. After we ate a yummy pancakes and bacon breakfast that Brian made, we carved our pumpkins in our pajamas. The kids tried to be really helpful with getting out all of the seeds and strings. Then they wanted to help with the cutting, but we had to draw the line. Nick and Alli each got to pick a design. Alli chose a Boo ghost and Nick chose a monster.

Yes, Nick and Alli are scraping out seeds from the bottom of the pumpkin. Brian saw something on the news about doing it this way and it worked out pretty well.

The finished product. My favorite Halloween tradition.

Oct 29, 2011

First Snow

Our first snow this year was a pretty big one! Makenna got to play in the snow for the first time. She was so cute and she had so much fun out there. The kids begged me to go outside all day, but since they had friends over all morning I made them wait until after Kenna's nap. They still played outside for an hour and a half and I could only lure them in with hot chocolate and cookies.

Miller Farms

A few weeks ago Alli's preschool (plus Nick, Tanner, and Lisa) went on a field trip to Miller Farms. It is a local farm where you can pick your own produce. We had heard good things about the farm before, but we'd never been there. For $14 I got three grocery sacks FULL of potatoes, onions, carrots, corn, cabbage, and tomatoes. Plus we got 3 pie pumpkins. It was fun for the kids to be able to pick there own produce. They were so excited to bring it home and eat it.

Here we are loaded up and ready to go.

Nick and his best buddy Tanner.

Alli with Lindsey and Shyler

They also had some fun things for the kids to do. Nick loved this airplane. We could not get him out of it.

I'm still finishing up using my potatoes and onions. It has been nice to have so much extra (and delicious!) produce.

Oct 5, 2011

Alli's New Haircut

This was not planned at all...in fact every time I talked to Alli about getting her hair trimmed she would beg me not to get any cut off so that she could have long hair like Rapunzel. She is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween and she was dead-set on having the longest hair possible.

Natalie came to cut our hair (we love Natallie, at home haircuts are so nice when you have little kids). Linsdey went first and got several inches trimmed off into a bob. When it came time for Alli's turn I asked her just to confirm, "you want just a little trimmed off, right?" Well, apparently she wants to be just like Lindsey and she changed her mind and now she wants her hair chopped off. After confirming with her like a million times I agree, but only to her shoulders. Then Natalie says that if she cuts an inch or two above that she can donate her hair. So that's what we did. I almost cried, I was totally unprepared to cut off that much. But it is so cute now, I love it!

And Alli will still be Rapunzel for Halloween, but like at the end of the movie when her hair is short.