Mar 26, 2010

Kids Say the Funniest Things

"2 more bites Kenna. Good job!"
(Alli supervising Makenna's breastfeeding. You can't tell how we get Alli to eat more, can you?)

"Uh oh, Gracie eat trash."
(Nick informing me that he fed our dog, Gracie, pieces of apple that he pulled out of the trash can. My favorite part is the uh oh.)

(Alli, inspecting daddy's tie)

"Santa Clause"
(Alli, in Costco after she saw an older biker guy with a big white beard. I don't think he heard her.)

"Peeky-boo Kenna"
(Alli, the first time she saw me wearing the nursing cover. She was confused why I was covering Makenna up while nursing. She didn't realize that it was because we had guests of mixed company. She kept trying to lift the cover up to play peek-a-boo. Thanks Alli!)

Mar 19, 2010

Makenna is 1 Month Old

We survived the first month! Makenna is one month old today! I don't know how to explain this, but the last month seems to have gone really fast and really slow at the same time...weird. Maybe that's just the shortage of sleep and chasing toddler combination.

Makenna is still waking up a couple of times a night to eat. Like most babies she gets a little grumpy at night time, but we are having more good nights when she is calm/asleep during dinner and I actually get to eat without holding or nursing her. She is starting to get on more of a schedule and takes some fairly long naps during the day. She is actually a really easy baby 99% of the time. Here are some recent pictures:

I also dug out some pictures of Alli and Nick at the same age to see who she looks more like. What do you think? I've always thought she looked like a chubby version of Alli, but maybe not. She kind of looks more like Nick in the pictures. She definitely has the big Alli eyes, though. I guess she just looks like herself!

Mar 6, 2010

2-Week Update

Makenna is getting to be such a big girl. She had her 2 week check-up yesterday and is doing great! She gained back all her birth weigh and then some. She now weighs 8 lb 15 oz. No wonder why her newborn clothes are already getting too small!

She also lost her yucky umbilical stump thing yesterday morning. I was so excited to give her a real bath. I thought she would love it. She wasn't too thrilled about it...then she totally desecrated the bath and we had to do an emergency evacuation and a shower in the sink. I was really hoping for a happy first bath picture, but this is what we got instead:Alli gets to "hold" Makenna now that she isn't sick anymore. She loves her baby sister!

Nick and Alli gave up pacifiers a few months ago, but Nick couldn't resist trying out Makenna's.

This was the last week that Brian had mostly off from work. My mom and sister helped me on the two days that he wasn't off (thank you!). Next week I will be mostly on my own and it should be exciting!