Aug 31, 2009


We had so much fun on our weekend trip. Brian and I went on our honeymoon to Steamboat 8 years ago and we have been wanting to go back ever since. Things were a little different this change things, but I still wish we could have stayed a week.

Nick in the car. The 3 1/2 hour drive went fast on the way there and not so fast on the way back. Its always harder to come back from a trip and by then the kids were bored with their car toys.
In the gondola. Nick sat perfectly still on the seat the entire ride. He was a little freaked out by it. His more adventurous sister wasn't afraid at all.Chillin' at the top of the mountain after our hike/walk (note: two toddlers + pregnant wife with baby backpack = very short hike).We went out to dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant called Rio Grande. I guess there's one downtown. We'll have to go try it out. Nick ate at least half of adult sized steak burrito. And Alli loved the salsa so much that she was dipping her sippy cup in it after we ate all the chips.
Hanging out at the hotel. We didn't spend too much time in our room. The hotel we stayed at (Steamboat Grand) has an awesome heated pool. We went swimming 3 times!

Aug 9, 2009

Did I mention...

Well, if you've seen me lately you probably already know. We are expecting another baby! My "official" due date is February 21st, but the two ultrasounds I've had thus far are showing that the baby is actually about a week ahead of that. So I am 12-13 weeks. We know for sure that there is only one baby this time. Brian thinks its a boy because "it has a big head" and I think its a girl because I haven't been as sick this time (yeah for me!). Since we already have both, we'll be happy either way.

The twins will be a few months over 2 when the new baby is born. So life will be crazy, but we felt like it was time for another baby. I have been "showing" earlier than I'd like (thanks twins), oh well. I swear I look like I'm already 6 months along. Here's a picture from the cabin to prove it. And here's a picture from my ultrasound last Wednesday.

Island Park

We went to Island Park, Idaho with the whole family for our big summer trip this year. My aunt and uncle have a cabin there and they were kind enough to let us all stay. We used to go to this cabin almost every summer when I was a kid. My newlywed brother David and his wife were even able to come for a few days. It was so fun! I was a little worried about the long drive (about 10 hours each way), but the kids were pretty good. We broke up the trip and spent a night in Logan, UT on the way there and Pocatello, ID on the way back. While we were in Logan we got to meet up with the Zern family for pizza at a park. It was so good to see ALL of them. I wish we lived closer! We also got to go to the cemetery and visit our angel baby Alex.

When we got to the cabin we spent a lot of time relaxing, but we also did all the "traditional" cabin activities ... hiking at Big Springs and visiting the Johnny Sack cabin, visiting Yellowstone, going on walks along the river, fishing, canoeing, driving up to Sawtelle peak. Unfortunately the boys weren't able to go on their overnight campout at Shoshone lake in Yellowstone. Luckily they were able to at least go on a day canoe trip to Shoshone. Just don't ask Brian what its like to have 3 people in a canoe!

Looking for minnows and swimming in the river (brr!). Too cold for me, but Alli and Nick couldn't resist.

Courtney and Russ in Yellowstone
Nick eating ice cream at Old Faithful - another tradition
Playing at my cousin Keri's house. When we stopped in Blackfoot/Pocatello, we got to meet up with some of the Goodwins. We had so much fun playing in Keri's 2 acre (!) yard, complete with swing set, mini-tractors, and a trampoline.