Jun 13, 2011

San Francisco

Before my birthday a few months ago I told Brian I only wanted two things: 1) Nick to be potty-trained and 2) Makenna to sleep through the night. Brian helped me get Nick potty-trained and Makenna's ear infections cleared up and we were able to do sleep training with her. I was so relieved to have gotten over these hurdles.

Of course, I recieved some other gifts for my birthday. But then I got a huge surprise from Brian, my mom, and my sister - a weeked getaway to San Francisco with my mom and sister to visit my brother David and his wife Natalie! I haven't been away from the kids except for a really quick 24-hour trip to Salt Lake when my brother got married a couple of years ago. I love the kids so much but I was feeling a little burnt out. I needed a short break and I was so excited when the time came this weekend to go.

We ate at so many amazing restaurans, tried some new things, and had a lot of fun. Here I am at the top of the highest hill in San Francisco. Amazing views, even with the clouds.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the Alcatraz tour. It was so interesting. Here are my mom and my sister on the boat.

Here's the family hanging out at a park on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and we loved the sun.
Thank you mom and Courtney for the best birthday present ever! Thank you so much David and Natalie for driving us around and hosting us. And an extra big thanks to Brian for doing such a great job watching the kids all weekend!