Nov 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick and Alli!

We just celebrated Nick and Alli's 2nd birthday! We had a swimming party at the Broomfield Rec Center and then came back to our house for pizza and cupcakes. Alli and Nick love swimming and one of their most favorite foods is pizza. I think they had fun at their party - not to mention the presents! I took pictures at the pool, but they didn't turn out so well - so no swimming pictures (sorry Courtney - I know you wanted everyone to see you in your swimsuit, ha ha). I decorated the house before we left for the pool and they pulled the streamers down at least 3 or 4 times. It was a little frustrating, but since it was their birthday I tried not to get too mad.

The funny thing about 2 year-olds is that they are content to open one gift and play with it. It took a little coaxing to get them to open all of their presents, but eventually they did it. Nick is so excited to have a truck full of blocks, a wagon, puzzles, and a books. Alli loves the wagon too, and her coloring toys, farm animals, puzzles, and books. Thanks everyone! Nick and Alli have been very well entertained all week!

We had cupcakes with sprinkles and fish candies for dessert. This was my first attempt at trying to decorate cupcakes and it didn't turn out so bad. It was kind of fun actually and I think I'll have to try it again. The most important thing was that Nick and Alli liked them!

Nov 1, 2009

It's a girl!

I'm posting this news a month late, but we found out we're having a girl! She looks perfect and is kicking around like crazy. Maybe I won't be getting the calm and relaxed baby I was hoping for! I look huge (still have 3 1/2 months left)! The cashier at the store was even convinced that I was either about ready to deliver or was having twins again. I'll try to get a belly shot to post sometime soon so that you can all feel sorry for me.

In the meantime, here's an ultrasound picture of our baby girl (still working on her name)...

Halloween Fun!

Trick or Treat! This was Nick and Alli's first year trick or treating. I wasn't sure if they would catch on to the concept, but when candy is involved, they learn fast! Alli dressed up like a dalmatian (like her cousin Lindsey) and Nick was a tiger. They love their costumes and they keep bringing them to me to put on again. We went to about 10 houses in Lindsey's neighborhood. Nick was always the first to the doorbell. He practically ran from house to house.

The dalmations were a little slower but they stuck together.
When we got back to Lindsey's house, Alli dumped out all her candy to see what she got. She is acting like such a big kid. When she woke up this morning she asked for her "purse" (candy bag) and when I gave it to her she looked in her bag and then looked back at me very concerned and said "Go?" She wanted to know where her candy went (I dumped it into the family candy bowl - mean mom!)
About a week ago we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins. Nick loved pushing around the wheel barrel and Alli tried very hard (without much success) to pick up the pumpkins.