Dec 22, 2010


We recently had Makenna's 9-month check-up and the twin's 3-year check-up. They are big kids and definitly following more after Brian. Here are their stats:

20 lb. 3 oz (50-75%)
28 1/2 inches (75 - 90%)

36.8 lb (90%)
39 3/4" (95%)

41.6 lb (>97%)
39 3/4" (90%)

I've spent more time at the doctor's office than I'd like in the last couple of months. Makenna has had two ear infections, we've all had pink eye and colds. Not to mention Nick's whole sickness (remember that?). I took him to see the specialist a week ago and she thought the last episode could have been giardia and the other periodic vomiting could be migraines. More lab work and follow-up visits to come, yay!

Overall though, I feel blessed to have such healthy and happy kids!

December ... So Far

Just like everyone else, we have been busy getting ready for Christmas. The cards have been sent, the food has been purchased, I'm almost done with the shopping (only 2 more quick things to pick up), and I wrapped presents last night. Brian finished working for the week and I'm looking forward to some family togetherness, both with the immediate family and my extended family. We are going to take our kids to a movie, zoo lights, and swimming sometime between now and the New Year. We are planning to spend Christmas with my family. My brother David and his wife Natalie are coming to town and we are all going to spend a couple of days at my grandparent's house in Berthoud (unfortunately, without grandma and grandpa, they are wintering in Arizona...we will miss them). So, besides preparing for Christmas, here's what we've been up to lately.

Makenna had the privilege of opening the first gift of Christmas (with lots of help from her brother and sister). It was a Little People Nativity Set. I've wanted our family to have one since the twins were her age. They all play with it every day and its kept the curiosity away from my Nativity.

We celebrated Brian's birthday! I brought the kids to have lunch with him at Red Robin and we had a small family get-together later in the week. Our tradition is that we make a cake for each other on our birthdays. He picked a chocolate malt ice cream cake. It was a 3-day process to make, but delicious. I also let the kids each pick out a present for him. Alli chose a bubble set and Nick chose a Doc (from the Cars movie) night light...haha

Makenna was all dressed up in her Christmas dress on Sunday. Adorable, if I do say so myself!

Poor Nick. Alli has been REALLY into dressing up lately (in fact she is getting two more dress-ups for Christmas...shhh). She sometimes convinces Nick to dress up with her. Here he is in full princess/butterfly gear.

Hope that you all have a Merry Christmas!