Mar 1, 2009

Shoe Fetish

Alli and Nick have loved shoes for quite some time. Every time we come home and take off our shoes they immediately want to start playing with them. Now they have decided it is fun to try them on...

We also got this cute picture last week. The twins were having fun in their rocking chair together after church. I LOVE that they are holding

I've been such a blogging slacker the last month. Almost all of my free time (i.e. when the kids are asleep) has been taken up with studying to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Uhhh...boring, plus I'm so dumb! I should have taken it while I was still in school, but I didn't ever think I'd need it as a chemical engineer. Well, unfortunately I do need it and it really sucks trying to remember calculus and physics and other stuff I haven't used in 7+ years!