Jul 21, 2011

Ballet, Swimming, and Fun

Note: I tried first posting this about 2 weeks ago and finally just figured out the problem and was able to publish it.

If you live in Colorado you know that almost every afternoon for the past few weeks we have been getting thunderstorms. Sometimes really big thunderstorms. On Tuesday night our power went out for a couple of hours. Luckily I was just finishing dinner and the only thing that was still cold was the corn. We have been getting way more rain than usual. I don't think we've even had to run our sprinklers, which will be nice when the water bill comes. It does put a little bit of a damper on our afternoon plans. But, Makenna takes an afternoon nap, so its not too big of an inconvenience.

We tried a new-ish park this week and it was so fun. It is a combination splash park and playground. We stayed there for 4 hours. All of the kids were happy and the weather was perfect so we had no incentive to leave.

Alli took a month-long ballet class in June. She really enjoyed it and has been showing all of us her twirls and jumps.

Alli and Nick have also been taking swimming lessons at the Rec Center with their cousin Lindsey. They are halfway through their second 2-week session now. They are learning so much and progressing really well. These pictures are from the last day of class last session. On the last day they get to go down the big slide and play in the kiddie area. I am looking forward to a year or two from now when they are swimming well enough that I will be able to take all of the kids to the pool by myself. Nothing better than a summer day by the pool!