May 31, 2009


I admit, I have been a little distracted lately. I've been reading the Twilight saga. I've had a hard time putting the books down. I'm starting the fourth and final book now. It has been such a fun and exciting escape. Just the right combination of suspense and romance. At first I resisted when everyone told me to read them...I'm not a huge fan of vampire stories, but I caved and I'm so glad I did.

May 11, 2009

Alli's First Haircut

Alli's hair was getting long in the back and looking scraggly. I hate to admit it, but she kind of had a mullet. So I decided it was time to even everything out. I love her new "do". Its a cute little bob. I can't believe how grown up she looks now. She was so good while getting her hair cut. She just sat in the chair, playing with her magna doodle. I wish she was that good for me when I try to do her hair! Nick also got his haircut that day and it was altogether a different story. He screamed and screamed. I wasn't sure we would get to finish, but a candy cane saved the day.

Caraousal at Denver Zoo

On Saturday we had a little family outing at the Denver Zoo. We love visiting and go about once every other month since we have a membership. Here's a tip for mom's with young kids - get an individual + guest membership instead of a "zoo for two" membership. My name is on the membership and then I can bring Brian or if I go on a weekday I can bring my mom, sister, or friend along. The kids are still free, so we don't need a family membership. This has worked out really well for us.

This was the first time that we went on the carousal. Alli LOVED it. She smiled the entire time. Nick wasn't quite so sure. He actually cried most of the time (I think he was a little scared and he was also mad about being taken away from the umbrella stroller he was pushing around the zoo!)

May 5, 2009

David & Natalie's Wedding

My little brother got married last weekend. Natalie is a sweetheart...we can't help but love her already! Their wedding was beautiful - in the Salt Lake Temple, sealed by Elder Ballard. Their reception was at the Rice-Eccles Stadium, overlooking Salt Lake.

My cousin's cute girls Ella & Makella

Grandma & Grandpa Plowman

Me & Courtney


My cousin Lauren and her husband Jace

Grandma & Grandpa Plowman and Uncle Rusty

Congratulations David & Natalie!

If you didn't notice any pictures of the twins that's because we didn't bring them. We made it a whirlwind trip and left Alli and Nick with a sitter overnight. They had fun and we had fun too. It was a little scary leaving them for the first time overnight, but they did great. We wish we could have brought them to meet all of the family, but there was too much going on, so we'll have to introduce them another time.