Mar 1, 2012

Makenna's First Haircut

Makenna got her first haircut yesterday when Natalie came up from Boulder. She doesn't have a ton of hair like Alli and Nick do so we waited a while longer than we did with them. She definitely needed it though. It was getting pretty long in the back and every morning she would wake up with a big tangle ball in the back of her hair. I didn't get any great pictures becuase she was being so silly and wiggly so I was trying to keep her still, but here's an after shot. I think it's long enough in the back that I will still be able to do her signature pigtails. She had shorter hair in the front so we decided to cut some bangs. And best of all - her hair is still curly, if not curlier. I was a little worried that we could cut her curls off.