May 21, 2012

What we've been up to...

I haven't blogged much lately, I know. Not that I was ever great about it, but I've just been worse about it the last few months. So here is the great big catch-up. And I will try to be better about catching the little moments, because that is the most fun to blog (and read) about.

The basement is (seriously) almost done. Brian is finishing up the bathroom and then I will post some pictures. We've moved into most of the areas in the basement and it is so nice to have the extra space.

So first up, Nick and his two inseparable twins. Nick has always loved Alli and he has loved Tanner since they were in nursery together. Tanner is probably his favorite person in the world. He plays ith Tanner at least 3 times a week. Whenever Tanner comes over they play with blocks first, then take a break for a snack, then play with trucks.

Alli's preschool is coming to an end this week. Last week was my last week to teach so I took a few pictures. I am happy with how everything has gone this year and really glad that we used Mother Goose Time curriculum. They send everything for a whole month including a lesson plan, a CD, and supplies for crafts and games (minus the paint, glue, crayons etc.). Each day is in it's own packet so it is easy to follow and keep organized. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering doing a co-op preschool. I know Alli has liked it a lot too. She never wants to leave school and loves the time with Lindsey, Shyler, and Lauryn.
(They are wearing iguana headbands, if you couldn't tell :)

Next year Alli will be going to preschool with Nick 4 mornings a week. She is going to be in the frog classroom and Nick will still be a fish. She is so excited and is having a hard time understanding why she has to wait until the end of the summer to go. Yay for me for not having to drive around to two differet preschools.

Brian took a day off of work and took Nick to a Rockies game. Nick loves his Rockies hat and shirt and was thrilled to get to go the game with his dad (if you can't tell from that huge grin). The actual game was not so exciting for him and he asked to get up every 20 minutes to go get a drink or go to the bathroom and they left in the top of the 8th...right before there was a huge play that turned the game around. When he got home he asked Brian when they were going to go do something special...apparently the game did not qualify. Haha, maybe we'll wait another year before he goes again.

Easter - we went to the ward Easter egg hunt at Cherry Park and we dyed eggs at home.

 Alli and Makenna are becoming good friends and they play princesses, animals, and dress-up together often. I got them matching zebra pjs and they wear them as soon as they are out of the wash.

This is Makenna at Lindsey's birthday in her cowgirl costume. She actually rode a pony at the party. So proud of her. She is usually aftaid of any animals bigger than Gracie. Especially horses and giraffes.

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