Mar 1, 2012

Makenna's First Haircut

Makenna got her first haircut yesterday when Natalie came up from Boulder. She doesn't have a ton of hair like Alli and Nick do so we waited a while longer than we did with them. She definitely needed it though. It was getting pretty long in the back and every morning she would wake up with a big tangle ball in the back of her hair. I didn't get any great pictures becuase she was being so silly and wiggly so I was trying to keep her still, but here's an after shot. I think it's long enough in the back that I will still be able to do her signature pigtails. She had shorter hair in the front so we decided to cut some bangs. And best of all - her hair is still curly, if not curlier. I was a little worried that we could cut her curls off.

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The Goodman Family said...

Hi, my name is Kelly(Zachery) Goodman, I went to high school with Brian. I googled his name and came across this blog which by the way is very creative and your kids are so cute! Anyways, our 15th reunion is coming up in August and we are trying to get addresses to send invites out in a couple of months. My email address is my apologies for posting on here, I had no other way to send an email.