May 24, 2012


I had to write these conversations down before I forgot them:

One night, while encouraging Nick to eat his dinner:
Me: Nick, if you eat all your food you'll grow up big and strong like Daddy
Nick: I don't want to grow up big like Daddy, I want to grow up big like Grandma

Nick is a typical boy and has some kind of fascination with peeing outside. I told him several times that he must use the inside bathroom. I caught him peeing outside (again!) and sent him to time out. Before getting out of time-out we have this conversation:
Me: Nick, why were you in time-out?
Nick: Because I peed in the rocks.
Me: Where will you pee next time?
Nick: In the grass.

And last but not least, one night while I was tucking him into bed:
Me: Guess what Nick? Aunt Natalie and Uncle David are coming to visit soon.
Nick: (after a short pause to think about this)...are they from the planet Earth?
{I should note that he has been fascinated by space and planets lately and is very curious about rockets and if people live on other planets.}


Natalie said...

hilarious. never understood why boys like to pee outside when they're young.

Kathy said...

What a smart boy he is!