Feb 28, 2012

Makenna's Birthday!

What? How could this have happened? The little girl that I've been calling "baby" for the last two years had another birthday? Well, she is definitley not a baby anymore, so I guess I will have to come up with another nickname, dang-it. She may weigh 20 lbs more than when she was born and she may talk in little sentences and have a mouth full of teeth, but she is still such a mama's girl that it's a little hard to let the nickname go. I'm getting better about it, but it still slips out once in a while.

For her birthday we had a little get-together with my parent's and Courtney's family. We had everyone over for dinner after church. There was a glitch with the cupcakes so there was a little more last-minute stress than I would have liked, but it all turned out fine. Whew!

Here's Makenna in the sleeping beauty dress she got from the Moses family. She's been borrowing Alli's dress-ups for a little while now, so it was time for her to get something of her own.
Taylor - her best friend, cousin, and crazy girl that found my water spray bottle and "styled" her hair all by herself. Cute! Love that mischevious little smile.
Alli was a very big "helper" and showed Makenna how to open her presents (and by showed I mean opened all her presents for her).
She also "helped" her blow out her candles...I guess I'm not the only one that thinks she's still a baby.
She did manage to eat her cupcake all by herself, though. And I should mention that despite the fact that I ended up making the cupcakes from a generic mix that expired a year ago and the frosting from a recipe that I've never tried before and has a reputation for being a bit temperamental, they were probably the best cupcakes I've ever made.
She loves the horses and stable that we got for her as well as the rocking chair and shoes from grandma and grandpa and the outfit and book from great grandma and grandpa. Happy birthday Makenna and thanks to everyone who made is special for her!

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